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A Little More About Who We Are: New Life Cardio Services

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New Life Cardio Services assists the customers in achieving their fitness goals as well as maintaining the condition of their cardio equipment. It has been supporting the customers' fitness for over ten years by assisting them with the upkeep of their workout machines.

Here the customers are encouraged to continue their adventure by giving them the exact part they need. The team manages in assisting customers in maintaining a good attitude by ensuring that the items they require are readily available at a price they can afford. The part is sent as per the requirement of the machine, which then starts to function like a brand new one. Because we only sell genuine NordicTrack and ProForm parts, you can rest assured that your machine will be ready to use when you are. New Life Cardio only deals in selling genuine NordicTrack and ProForm parts, making sure the machines are ready to be used at any time of the day.

Maintaining the condition of the equipment is critical for its longevity. Here at New Life Cardio, the customers are urged to follow a thorough preventative maintenance services schedule to maintain their equipment safe while in use. As a result, if a part must be replaced, customers can rest assured that we will have the best parts at the greatest pricing in less than 24 hours. 

New Life Cardio is excited to assist the customers in finding the most motivation as they work towards their healthy living goals.

The most common piece of equipment found in an individual’s home is a treadmill. It may be a one-time investment at the start, but it needs to be used well-mannered. Parts like power adaptor, incline motors, hood accent, mother control board, and many others are available for sale. However, New Life Cardio is there to provide treadmill maintenance and makes the machine into a brand-new running piece.

New Life Cardio specializes in home gym fitness equipment repair. Many individuals pour heavy money into the purchases of fitness equipment to stay in shape at home, which saves a lot of time. With the adaptability of the culture of bringing fitness equipment at home. New Life Cardio has the knowledge, expertise, and technicians to keep equipment in peak condition. Make sure the exercise equipment is always in good working order so the individuals can achieve their fitness goals.